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ADVENTURE GUIDE (LLC «Adventure» is a tour operator for domestic and international inbound tourism (number in the unified federal register of tour operators РТО 024773), specializing in active and adventure tours in Russia.

The company was founded in 2015 by Yudin Alexey Vladimirovich, who is currently its CEO.

For these years we've organized a lot of individual and group tours to different Russian regions.We also specialise on tours to Arctic and make unique tours to such regions as Chukotka, Yamal and other remote places.

In the period 2015—2020 the Adventure Guide team implemented exclusive non-standard projects:
March 2018 — cross Baikal ice expedition on ATVs: 12 participants from 5 countries, 1,000 km along Baikal ice
June 2018 — project «Way to Freedom» within advertising campaign of the beer company Amsterdam Navigator: 26 participants, including bloggers, were looking for their «Freedom» for 5 days travelling from Moscow to the village Freedom in the Kursk region, every day changing the type of outdoor activities and destroying own stereotypes
August 2020 and annually — organizing our own tours to Chukotka with Cape Dezhnev visit
July 2021 — corporate trip to the Kola Peninsula for 50 pax
August 2021 — cruise from Kamchatka to the Southern Kurils on the Athena ship for VIP group
November 2021 — corporate trip to Adygea region for 40 pax
January 2022 — jeep expedition along the Kolyma tract from Yakutsk to Magadan for VIP group of 16 pax
manager photo Alexey Udin
Every year we organize:
Corporate events for hundreds of people from different regions
Dozens of non–standard individual tours
Up to 10 club trips for regular customers
Our own tours to Chukotka, Yamal and the North Caucasus republics

The best specialists work for us! Would you like to meet our team — follow the link.

The main achievements of the company's employees during their work:

Launch of the first group tours to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands on the Moscow market in 2011.

Participation in the creation and launch on the Moscow market of a line of weekend tours in the Oryol region (bike tours, kayaking, cross-country skiing tours) in 2013.

Creation from scratch of the direction "active and adventure holidays in Russia" in LLC "Ultra-Travel Lux" in 2015.

The mission of ADVENTURE GUIDE is to popularize active and adventure holidays in Russia. We want you to discover Russia for yourself, to see the beautiesBaikal or Kamchatka, or just went on a weekend tour in the suburbs.

We want you to get rid of prejudices about holidays in Russia and get your own unique experience of traveling around our country. We love traveling in Russia and we want you to love it as much as we do!

Alexey Yudin, founder of ADVENTURE GUIDE

Tour Experts

Adventure Guide

Alexey Udin


Since the founding of the Adventure Guide company, I have been its leader and ideological inspirer. I manage the company, develop new programs, personally lead groups to Chukotka, Yamal and non-standard programs.

I have visited all the regions presented on our website, except for Baikonur, Magadan, the Shantar Islands, the North Pole and Antarctica.
I myself tried all the activities we offer.
I love tours to Siberia, the Far East, especially Lake Baikal. Regional expert.

Did you come up with the idea to make a non-standard trip to a remote corner of Russia? Contact me, I will be happy to help you, share my experience, tell you about the factors that should be taken into account when planning a trip.

My goal is to show our clients my country as a foreign one, so that they have a feeling of love for their Motherland, a deep respect for its nature, beauty, peoples and culture. That is why I take my clients myself to remote corners of the country, not like central Russia, where most of our travelers live.

Prior to founding his own company in 2009–2016, he worked:
2009–2014 - Manager at RussiaDiscovery LLC (RussiaDiscovery multi-regional tour operator for inbound and domestic tourism), specialist in Siberia and the Far East, weekend tours.
2014–2015 - Head of the office of TBK AMIST LLC in Moscow (tour operator, organizer of tours to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, as well as in Southeast Asia).
2015–2016 - Head of the direction "active and adventure holidays in Russia" at Ultra-Travel Lux LLC (tour operator for outbound, inbound and domestic tourism).
I will gladly answer all your questions!
Anastasia Ivanova

Executive Director

Responsible for the Adventure Guide brand and market positioning.
I work with corporate clients, develop individual routes.
I have many years of experience in organizing trips around Russia, I take on tasks of any scale. Successfully implemented a number of high-budget projects. My strengths: fluent English, accuracy, responsibility, sense of taste.

My secret is to feel, hear and love nature. I admire the beauty of Russia and the variety of activities possible here. I especially enjoy rapid rafting, snowmobiling and bike tours.

Visited regions: Adygea, Altai, Baikal, Caucasus, Kamchatka, Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Crimea, Central Russia, Chukotka, South Ural, Yakutia.
My places of power: the tundra of the Kola Peninsula, the island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal and, of course, the mountains.

I also pass on my love for outdoor activities to my son, who, at the age of 4, went on a three-day kayak rafting and a two-week hike on a desert island in Karelia.
I will gladly answer all your questions!
Ekaterina Frolova

Manager of incoming department

As a manager of incoming department with 8 years experience I continue to open Russia for foreigners.

Planning the trip from very first steps I attentive to personal desires, flexible to budget and engaged to help our clients to create their best tour to Russia.

I've personally visited Altai Region, Baikal, Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Kaliningrad, Golden Ring, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, South Ural, Khakassia and Tuva Republics, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Have a great experience in realizing group and individual adventures to different regions including Transsibirian tours.

Always glad to give practical advices and do my best to make your travelling to Russia unforgettable!




I will gladly answer all your questions!
Anna Podlesnykh

Manager of domestic tourism

I am a sales manager for active and adventure tours.
I really like extreme rafting on the rapids of the rivers of Karelia, tours on snowmobiles and ATVs, trips to Lake Baikal, the Kola Peninsula and the regions of the North Caucasus. I checked all this myself.
I willingly subscribe to any adventure when time permits.
I am also a mother of two sons and I can advise everyone on camping with children.
So if you are thinking about a trip to Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia or the Elbrus region, feel free to write to me!
I can also help families with children find the right vacation option.
I will gladly answer all your questions!
Evgeniya Bazilyan

Manager of domestic tourism

Breaking stereotypes – this is about me.
I came to tourism as a first-year student and fell in love with it. Small, fragile, but strong.
Something similar can be said about our Mother Russia. She is big but very beautiful. It combines the power of the mountains with its glaciers and waterfalls, and the endless expanses of forests and fields.
We know little about our capabilities, just as we know little about our nature and history. 
I have visited various parts of our Motherland: Karelia, Khibiny, the Caucasus, the Urals... with and without children, but I am still surprised by its diversity, beauty and originality.
So let's get to know her here and now with us, with me!
I will gladly answer all your questions!
Olga Terekhina

Manager of domestic tourism

My love for active tours began with kayaking along the rivers of the Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regions. And then I decided to test my strength on the categorical rivers of Karelia, in a quad tour ...
Peace of mind from the contemplation of the river shrouded in morning mist, admiration for the colorful palette of the Caucasus Mountains, genuine interest in the centuries-old traditions and culture of the peoples of Russia, exultation when overcoming another threshold, surprise at the beauty of the landscape that opens up behind the next hill, a mad surge of adrenaline at driving an ATV - how many different, vivid emotions with a plus sign can give us active tourism in Russia.
I am a pioneer at heart. The tours that I recommend to you are exciting trips to those parts of Russia where I have already been or definitely want to visit. Choosing tours for you, I choose them for myself.
Most of all I am inspired by water trips. My passion is shared by my youngest son, who is engaged in the section of water tourism. In addition, I really like quad tours, as well as combined tours, which allow you to immediately experience the whole range of positive emotions from changing activities.
I will gladly answer all your questions!
Ekaterina Starikova

Content Manager

I have been working in Adventure Guide since 2017, initially I was a tour sales manager. Now I am more engaged in filling the site, content, but I continue to communicate with tourists.
I speak English, a little German and Spanish.
My favorite region is Karelia. I love wild nature and get great pleasure from traveling with overnight stays in tents.
During the years of work in the company, I have visited Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, Baikal, Bashkiria, Karelia and the regions of Central Russia. If you have an interest in traveling there, I will be happy to share my knowledge and impressions :)
I will gladly open the veil of secrecy and suspense for those who are attracted by active horse riding tours or more measured long cruises.
But of the types of recreation, I like rafting on the rivers the most. I myself have been on many rivers in different seasons. If you are planning kayaking or want to get acquainted with stormy water in May Karelia or Altai, I will be happy to give practical advice based on personal experience.
I will gladly answer all your questions!
Olga Fedoseeva

Marketing director

Marketing Director, responsible for the Adventure Guide for advertising and promotion on the Internet.
Manager for work with foreign tourists. I speak English and German.
My advice may be useful to those who are planning a trip to Siberia.
I personally visited Kazan, Novosibirsk, Altai, Baikal, Taimyr.
Specialist in tours to the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Tuva.
For me, tourism is a fountain of emotions, adrenaline, new horizons. I can say for sure that our work is not easy, but creative. And it's addictive!

I will gladly answer all your questions!
people on quad bikes photo