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Siberia, what is it? The first associations – frost and endless taiga.
But Adventure Guide breaks stereotypes! In our tours we'll show you a completely different Siberia: warm, hospitable and multifaceted.
Besides beautiful taiga there are also many steppes, mounts and lakes and weather can be as warm as in Russian South.
Have you ever heard that many Siberian cities were build even earlier then Saint Petersburg? They are rich of interesting ancient monuments. For example Krasnoyarsk city is 100 years older and it's definitely worth to visit.

To discover Siberia we invite you in a journey around Sayan Ring. It's a unique multi regional tour combines 3 regions: Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia and Tuva Republics. This tour was designed especially for foreign tourists but also attracts more and more Russians.
It's a great opportunity to discover historical and natural heritage, to see the great soviet construction projects.

In Khakassian tours you'll see Sayano–Shushenskaya Hydroelectric power station – one of the biggest in the world.
Visit such unique monuments as the Great Salbyk burial mound – as magnificent as Stonehenge. Explore the Khakassian National museum Kazanovka with archaeological monuments and rock paintings.

In Tuva Republic you're expecting meeting with the real shamans and nomads, taking part in the performance with the traditional throat singing – khoomei, visitting the Buddhist temple. You'll be amazed by excursion to Scythian gold in the National museum of Tuva. Treasures found in the burial mound Arzhaan–2 became a sensation in the archaeological world!

Sayan Mountains it's pearl of Siberia. Fantastic landscapes, unique nature, starry nights and the famous natural park Ergaki. We offer comfortable tours for all nature lovers.

Tours to Siberia give a great variety of impressions. You'll get acquainted with the lifestyle of people living in the remote regions, will be surprised with rich culture, Siberian hospitality and high services.

Adventure Guide organizes also individual tours to Tuva and Khakassia according to your budget and wishes.

Most of the tours starts in Krasnoyarsk city and it takes just 4 hours from Moscow by plane.
Individual tours can be organized from capitals of Tuva (Kyzyl city) and Khakassia (Abakan city) Republics.

We look forward to discover Siberia for you! Welcome!