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Chukotka is the most remote Russian region in the Far East. It is the real edge of the Earth.

Many people think that a tour to Chukotka is long, expensive, and why, when there are regions with much more attractive sights.

In fact, Chukotka is another planet. The flora and fauna is so pristine and untouched that remind the Earth before the beginning of time, and the way of life of the locals is unlike anything else.

Why should you go to Chukotka?

  • To see unique landscapes
The combination of mountains, tundra and cold ocean warms every soul.
  • For unusual impressions
You feel very unusual in Chukotka. Leaving the house in the morning, you see the tundra in front of you and understand that there is not a single soul for thousands of kilometers around. It seems that you're on a virgin planet where forests have not been yet invented as there are only grass and low knee–deep bushes around. In contrast to the desert land there is an ocean with rich underwater world.

  • To stand out from your surroundings
Trip to Chukotka is a real adventure that can be experienced by not so many people.

  • To restart
It is time for re–thinking oneself, reality and values. An opportunity to see, hear and feel the world around you in a completely different way.